Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces, Wolverhampton

Lingual braces are perhaps one of the most discreet dental braces available, they are referred to as “Hidden” braces because they are fixed to the inside of your teeth making them practically invisible to anyone else.

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What Are Lingual Braces?

Hidden braces are a fixed brace system. The brackets are placed on the backs of your teeth, and they have a very low profile as they are hidden by your tongue (hence the name Lingual braces).

They are suitable for anyone including children or adults who would like to change or correct their tooth position. Treatment time varies according to each patient.

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Benefits Of Lingual Braces, Wolverhampton

  • Practically invisible, the hidden braces are a good option if you don’t want others to know that you are having braces or if you are worried about the aesthetics of your teeth
  • Hidden braces are completely customised to specially fit your teeth
  • Lingual braces are suitable for any age group

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  • Our orthodontists are experts in all fixed braces including Hidden or Lingual braces
  • We are a leading provider of fixed braces in the Midlands
  • We are specially trained to deal with anxious and phobic patients
  • At Willows Dental we can guarantee that there will be no hidden costs or additional charges
  • Talk to us about our membership plans and 0% finance deals which can also help with the cost of Hidden braces
  • We offer late appointments Monday to Thursday until 8pm and until 6pm on Friday so it is easy to book an appointment to talk through your dental brace requirements.