A Few Additional Treatments

A Few Little Extras That Set Us Apart From Other Dental Practices

Whatever treatment you have patient care is always at the top of our list.

We pride ourselves in being able to suit patient’s needs of all ages from small children to the elderly.

We are renowned at Willows for treating anxious and phobic patients, so you can relax with us.

We can offer acupuncture to relax you and Rosie our therapy dog is usually outside in her kennel if you’s like to pop round and say hi.


We are one of the few practices in the country, which is able to completely relax you during your appointment.

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We are the leading dental practice in the midlands for holistic dentistry and dental Acupuncture. There are two types of Acupuncture that are known as western and eastern Acupuncture. We do western Acupuncture to help with jaw ache, TMJ disorders, Headaches and for relaxation. It works by creating micro areas on inflammation which stimulates the body to heal those areas and also makes the body release endorphins (Your body’s feel good Chemicals). We have had huge success with this as a practice as another way to help our nervous clients move forward with their dental journey. Call us for more details on 01902 324230.

Rosie Our Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs have been around since 1976 and as a practice that specialises in looking after anxious and phobic patients we felt Rosie our Bernese mountain dog would be the perfect candidate to help our patients relax. She lives round the side of the practice in her purpose built area with a kennel. Some of our clients find it calming to come over a bit earlier than their appointment and spend some time with her. Sometimes Rosie chooses to stay at home with Vicki and Neel so if you call ahead and request her to come in we’ll do our utmost to make sure she’s there for you. She’s gentle, kind and as with most dogs appreciates any attention she can get, why not pop round and say hello?