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Why Choose Willows For Facial Aesthetics And To Reduce Fine Lines?

  • Our clinicians are gentle and have a wealth of experience in facial anatomy
  • We only use licensed products.
  • We offer a review and top up at no additional charge after 2 weeks.
  • We offer payment plans to spread your investment.

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fine line reduction

Fine Line Reduction Treatment

The happier our lives have been, the more laughter lines we have. Fine line reduction treatment relaxes the muscles that fold over to cause these lines. Relaxing them with Fine line reduction treatment makes you look younger, feel happier. A lot of clients, male and female, combine their Fine line reduction treatment top-ups with their three or six monthly health check visits. In the cases of deeper lines we can also use fillers such as Restylane to improve the appearance of any heavier lines.



One of the main causes of headaches and migraines is tooth clenching and tension. We offer a number of treatments including Fine line reduction treatment to relax tense facial and forehead muscles to mouth guards to prevent clenching at night.

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