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Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants Procedure Wolverhampton

Meet Dr Neel Barchha
Dental Implantologist

Dental Implants Procedure, Wolverhampton

Dental implants are the best way to permanently replace a missing tooth or to permanently replace missing teeth.

Dental implant surgery can sound frightening or drastic, but the process is very straightforward. Willows Dental is one of the leading dental implants provider throughout Wolverhampton and The Midlands and we have successfully treated hundreds of patients.

Willows Dental can talk through all the options with you. Call us today to talk through your options for missing teeth.

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Your Implant Journey At Willows Dental

Stage One – Discussion At Willows Dental, Wombourne

The first step is to meet you face to face and discuss how best we can help. Perhaps you have a single tooth that needs replacing? Or maybe you need multiple teeth replacing or even a new full set of teeth? We discuss which dental implants might be best for you.

Stage Two – X-Rays

Once you are ready to go ahead, we take X-rays and discuss your course of treatment. We look at more detailed information such as your general health, your existing and missing teeth, your gums and your chewing pattern.

Stage Three – Fitting The Dental Implants

This stage will vary according to how many dental implants you are having. Your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic and will then make a cut in your gum. A small hole is then drilled into your jawbone which will hold the titanium peg implant.

Stage Four – Fitting The Abutment

Dental implants have an internal screw called an abutment which holds the permanent false teeth in place. The abutment may be fitted at the same stage as the implants or they might be fitted at a later date.

Stage Five – Fitting The Replacement Teeth

Your replacement teeth may be fitted to the implant at this time, or they could be fitted at a later stage. If your new false teeth need to be fitted later, we will fit a temporary bridge or dentures to ensure gaps in your teeth are not visible between visits.

Stage Six – Enjoy Your New Smile!

Your healing time will vary according to the number of dental implants that you are having, but as dental implants generally is a minimally invasive procedure, most patients experience little discomfort.

Like hundreds of our other patients, we are confident that you will be thrilled with the end results and will look forward to showing off your new smile with confidence.

How Willows Dental Can Help You Replace Missing Teeth With A Natural-Looking Smile

Let us help you replace unsightly gaps and restore your confidence to smile again.

  • Our expert staff are fully trained in all areas of dental implants
  • We have treated hundreds of patients with dental implants, all with excellent success
  • We are a leading provider of dental implants in the Midlands
  • Our dental implants clinicians are so well regarded that we are licensed to treat patients from other practices and from abroad too
  • We care about you and your dental implants for the long term
  • Willows Dental only use the market leader for dental implants which means you get guaranteed, painless results
  • We are specially trained to deal with anxious and phobic patients
  • We offer sedation throughout the dental implants process should you need it
  • We recognise that dental implants is an investment in your health and your self-confidence and so we offer 0% finance options to help with the cost of treatment. There are also no hidden costs or additional charges
  • Talk to us about our membership plans which can also help with the cost of dental implants
  • We offer late appointments Monday to Thursday until 8pm and until 6pm on Friday so it is easy to book an appointment to talk through your options for missing teeth and dental implants

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