21 REASONS TO CHANGE YOUR DENTIST (preferably to us)

Practice News

1. You’ve been going to the same dentist since you were a child. You’ve asked about certain treatments but have just been fobbed off (not going to happen here).

2. You’d liked to be treated like an adult and not a naughty school child for not flossing 7 times a day (we don’t lecture).

3. You’d like to come to a practice that cares about you (we get it, you are not a number, you are a person).

4. You’d like to be greeted by a reception team that smiles and are friendly. Our reception area always has fresh beautiful flowers, and we even have shoe cleaning facilities to use in case you need it.

5. You’d like a dentist that knows you and your family.

6. You’d like to go to a dentist that can show you with the help of pictures what’s going on in your mouth (we have cool cameras that let you see what’s going on in your mouth).

7. You’d like to come to a practice that looks after nervous or anxious patients, with or without sedation (we have over a decades worth of experience in this).

8. You’d like to come to a practice that is family owned and answers only to its customers not shareholders (healthcare is not about cutting costs, it’s about looking after real people).

9. You’d like to have some implants but don’t just want to be referred to someone you don’t know miles away, you’d rather go to somewhere that can carry on looking after them and you, for years to come.

10. You’d like a dentist that can make your appointments around your busy work and life schedule (in the evenings there may even be pizza going around).

11. You’d like to come to a dentist with easy access and parking for buggies, wheel chairs, and baby changing facilities (we even supply nappies and baby wipes just in case you run out).

12. You’d like to be part of a dental practice that supports the local community.

13. You miss the days you got a sticker (or even a balloon) when you went to the dentist (even if you’re all grown up now).

14. You’d like a new smile and would like to spread the cost interest free.

15. You’d like to replace missing teeth but don’t fancy dentures (we have lots of options).

16. You’d like to come to a practice that invests in new technology like digital x-rays to spot problems earlier and keep you healthier (we even have TV’s on the ceiling and noise cancelling headphones).

17. You’d like a text message to gently remind you to pop in for a health check.

18. You’d like your teeth cleaned and polished properly rather than a quick flick with a sharp instrument (we even warm the water in our polishers).

19. You’d like a flick through an up to date magazine in a warm reception room when you come in (not a 7 year old readers digest). We even have reading glasses available to use while you wait.

20. You’d like a dentist and team that speak English not technical jargon (we also speak French and conversational Klingon (not really).

21. You’d like to come to a dentist without feeling like you’re coming to a dentist (you’ll see what we mean when you visit).