An insight to dental phobia …

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An insight to dental phobia…

With our dental phobia and anxiety dentists Dr Neel Barchha and Dr Victoria Barchha

What is Dental phobia?

NB: The term phobia, describes an “irrational fear” however having listened to our clients stories, I don’t think these fears are irrational, dentistry requires a lot of trust. Some of our clients have had bad experiences, some of them with school dentists and some of them more recently at other practices.

How can we recognise it?

NB: I think it’s important to understand that apprehension is perfectly normal. It’s ok to be nervous. For some of our clients even getting into the building can be tough but once they’re in, have been made a drink and have one of our dental anxiety team listening to them, it’s amazing the transformation in body language and overall confidence that happens with them.

What can we do about it?

VB: Well, first of all, it’s about not burying your head in the sand. Believe me, whatever state you think your mouth is in we have seen worse and We Don’t Judge. We understand how hard it is to make that call. We know that the hole in your tooth isn’t hurting yet and a bit of mouthwash makes the gums stop bleeding for a few days but we can cure almost anything if we catch it early.

How does Willows dental differ from some of the practices these clients may have visited before?

NB: Dental anxiety is a scale. For some people, a sit down away from the clinical environment of a surgery with someone who listens and understands is enough, for others, we can prescribe some tablets to help them relax before treatment and for a lot of the clients we see we use dental sedation which makes them feel
instantly at ease. Over the last 15 years, we’ve treated thousands of clients from all walks of life and all parts of the world. It’s really all of favourite part of our career.

What type of treatments do we do under sedation?

NB: We always start with something simple but we’ve done everything from polishing the teeth to implants under sedation. We tailor all of our treatment plans around what the client wants and we always call them the next day to ensure that they haven’t remembered and have felt comfortable. In 15 years we’re proud to say we’ve never turned anyone away.

How would someone get treatment under sedation?

VB: The first step would be to call, email or even message us on our website. Our consultations with our anxiety ream are free of charge.

Finally, is there any other advice you have for clients out there who are suffering?

VB: We are here to help, a lot of our clients come in saying they feel stupid for having this fear, it’s perfectly normal to feel that way, but all you have to do is call us, and join the thousands of clients we’ve helped gain their confidence to eat, smile, kiss and connect. Our Facebook page is filled with videos and testimonials of real people that we’ve helped. Why not make that call?